E412B – Creative Writing Workshop: Poetry

Credit Hours:

Course Level:

Semesters Offered:
Fall Spring

Prerequisite: E 311B with grade of B or better. Maximum of 6 credits allowed per subtopic.

Description: Individual poetry projects with group discussion and analysis. It is assumed that students who sign up for this class are writing regularly and will have no trouble handing in one poem per week. It is also assumed that they have either taken E311B or can produce a portfolio of a dozen or so poems of sufficient promise in the judgment of the instructor to merit special permission to enter the class.

Class discussion of poems will range from technical matters to rhyme and meter and lining to informal reactions. The emphasis will be on helpfulness–on ways to revise a poem, to improve rhythm, clarify meaning, sharpen images, etc. Students may also meet with the instructor for additional discussion of their poems. Finally, a book of contemporary poetry, either an anthology or a book of poems by one poet, may be required and discussed, often in conjunction with the visit of the poet to campus or the community and as preparation for a special class meeting with him or her.