E412C – Creative Writing Workshop: Nonfiction

Credit Hours:

Course Level:

Semesters Offered:
Fall Spring

Prerequisite: E 311A with grade of B or better or E 311C with grade of B or better. Maximum of 6 credits allowed per subtopic.

Description: Individual nonfiction projects with group discussion and analysis.

Like its E412 counterparts in fiction and poetry, E412C is primarily a workshop that encourages students to strive for literary quality. Through classroom and individual critiques, class discussion of outstanding contemporary works of nonfiction, and student writing and other assignments, students will consider a wide array of imaginative story-telling techniques such as plotting, scene construction, characterization, and the use of metaphor, symbol, and idiosyncratic point of view, tone, voice and style. There will be fewer assigned writing topics than in 311C; as much as possible, students will be encouraged to choose their own topics and methods of approach. Students will writer about 30 pages of nonfiction, not counting rewrites. Though the class will be primarily a workshop, specific topics for classroom discussion will be determined by student needs as revealed by trends in student manuscripts.