E412A – Creative Writing Workshop: Fiction

Credit Hours:

Course Level:

Semesters Offered:
Fall Spring

Prerequisite: E 311A with grade of B or better. Maximum of 6 credits allowed per subtopic.

Description: This course meets for group discussion of student fiction. These discussions deal with every aspect of fiction, from theory to craft, from original conception to the smallest details of prose style, and they allow students to receive diverse criticism of their fiction, as well as give them a chance to test their tastes and critical theories against their peers’ and to discuss their emotional and critical reactions to fiction. Students also meet individually with the instructor. To benefit fully from the course, students should have already written fiction and have a critical technical vocabulary sophisticated enough to talk seriously about it. The course does not focus on any particular type of fiction, except to stress serious literary fiction. Genre fiction is not worked on. This course usually requires one story or chapter of a novel per credit hour, two revisions, exercises, and reading assignments.