CO301D – Writing in the Disciplines: Education

Credit Hours:

Course Level:

Semesters Offered:
Fall Spring Summer

Prerequisite: CO150 College Composition

Description: Learning writing strategies for addressing general audiences in Education. CO301D focuses on writing for a full range of public audiences interested in issues and practices in education, including parents, school boards, legislators and other education policy makers, and teachers in training. To write successfully for these readers, students need to be able to analyze audiences and their needs in detail, building sophistication about rhetorical context as they do so. Students specifically target publications including local and national newspapers, magazines as diverse as US News and World Report and Phi Delta Kappan, or general websites such as and education advocacy websites. To read more about this course, see the Composition Program’s CO301D page.

This course may be taken in fulfillment of the II-B Advanced Writing category of the All University Core Curriculum.